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April 2019


1. The end of education is character

  • The end of wisdom is freedom.
  • The end of culture is perfection.
  • The end of knowledge is love.
  • The end of education is character.
  • BABA (Summer Showers in Brindavan 1972)


2. Read the life histories of saints and sages

  • Only those who, by means of discrimination, select the books they read and practice what they read can realise truth and enjoy everlasting bliss. Only those people live worthwhile lives. Therefore, those who seek the highest path and who revel in thoughts of God should strive to read only the life histories of saints and sages and books that help the contemplation of the Divine. Aimless reading of books all and sundry, whatever comes to hand, will make confusion only worse confounded. It gives no profit; it confers no peace.
  • BABA (Prema Vahini, chapter 3)


3. Cultivate one-pointedness and equal vision

  • Above all, cultivate one-pointed steadfastness (ekagratha) in whatever you do. Impartial vision (sama-drishti) is auspicious vision (subha-drishti). People must have impartial vision. All creation must appear as equally auspicious to their eyes. They must look upon all with as much love and faith as they have in themselves, for nothing is evil in creation, no, not even an iota. Evil appears as such only through faulty vision. Creation gets coloured by the nature of the glasses we wear. By itself, it is eternally pure and holy
  • BABA (Prema Vahini, chapter 3)


4. The Mind makes or mars a person

  • It is the mind that makes or mars a person. If it is immersed in things of the world, it leads to bondage; if it treats the world as but temporary, then by that detachment it becomes free and light. Train the mind not to feel attached to things that change for better or for worse. Do not hold before it the tinsels of worldly fame and riches; attract it toward lasting joys derived from springs inside you. That will bring big rewards. The mind itself will then become the guru, for it leads you on and on, once it has tasted the sweets of listening, recapitulating, and repeated steady meditation. It is the mind that fills the image made by the potter with the Divinity that the devotee sees in it; it is the mind that fills the shrine room with the fragrance of holiness.
  • BABA (SSS Vol I, Chapter 8)


5. The Divine wish-fulfilling tree

  • The Lord is as the divine wish-fulfilling tree, which gives whatever is asked. But you have to go near the tree and wish for the thing you want. The atheist is the person who keeps far away from the tree; the theist is the one who has come near; that is the difference. The tree does not make any distinction; it grants boons to all. The Lord will not punish or take revenge if you do not recognise Him or revere Him. He has no special type of worship that alone can please him.
  • BABA (SSS Vol 1, Chapter 9)


6. Always remember your Mother

  • Wherever you may go, whatever you may achieve, whatever position you may occupy, you must always remember your mother with love and reverence. One should cherish one’s mother and the land of his birth with the deepest regard.
  • BABA (SSS Vol I8, Chapter 10)


7. Name of the Lord gives unshakable peace

  • Real bliss (ananda) can be won only by means of the transformation of the impulses that agitate the mind. It is not to be found in wealth. You think that the rich man is happy; ask Me, and I shall reveal to you that they are full of grief, for they come to Me in large numbers for relief. They have no peace (santhi) at all. A strong physique does not by itself give peace; nor does scholarship, or asceticism or rituals. Only constant dwelling with the Name of the Lord gives unshakable peace, unaffected by the ups and downs of life. It makes man a hero.
  • BABA (SSS Vol 1, Chapter 14)


8. The Avatar Saves

  • Note this also. In this Avatar (divine Incarnation), the wicked will not be destroyed; they will be corrected and reformed and educated and led back to the path from which they have strayed. The white-ant infested tree will not be cut; it will be saved.
  • BABA (SSS Vol 1, Chapter 2)


9. Character is power

  • Human life is undoubtedly the highest in evolution, and to give it meaning, spiritual endeavour, endeavour that is pure and holy, is essential. For this way of life, character is all important. Character makes life immortal; it survives even death. Some say that knowledge is power, but it is not true. Character is power. Even the acquisition of knowledge demands a good character. So, everyone must yearn to attain flawless character, without any trace of evil.
  • BABA (Prema Vahini, Chapter 1)


10. Shaping the mind

  • The mind must first be calmed and quieted. Only then can the body be healthy and the intellect sharp. The mind is projected at one time only on a single object, not on many. But it is still a conglomeration of thoughts, desires, fancies, imaginings, and the rest. In fact, the mind has inside it, in a nutshell, the entire history of creation. That is the delusion (maya) mould of humanity. The mind is the battle field (kurukshetra) where good and bad, right and wrong contest for supremacy. Iron has to be beaten flat by iron alone. So too, the inferior, low mind has to be shaped better by the superior mind. One has to make one’s mind superior and stronger for the task of personal uplift.
  • BABA (Prasanthi Vahini, Chapter 3)

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