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The Lighter Side

Astrological Predictions for July to December, 2011

by Dr. Marybeth Dixon

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Aries Sun

March 22 - May 21 and Aries Rising

Unforeseen changes may have you spinning. Your ability to focus on goals is not strong of late. It seems that you have had to adapt to outside circumstances by putting your plans to the side or changing to different modes and methods. July gives you some forward movement through communications and travel. Finances pick up as Jupiter enters your house of money. August challenges career activities, but October gives back what was changed. An old friend re-enters the picture and brings inspiration which could lead to a merger in the future. Your strongest asset is Courage.

Taurus Sun

May 22 - May 21 and Taurus Rising

Better security is in the picture now as Jupiter has entered your Sun Sign. Indicators point to positive dealings with education, travel and the law. Much in your stars point to a spiritual/psychological trend that brings understanding and clarity about yourself as well others. For the next year, however, you will have a tendency to go over-board. Try to balance activities and desires. Some changes in health care may be stressful, but the benefits will be good. A returning situation has not improved. Wait until next year to consider the prospects. Your strongest asset is Steadfastness

Gemini Sun

May 22 - June 21 and Gemini Rising

Many directions and energies are calling you right now. You love to be in the center of action. July and August offer you excellent direction for your talents. Communications, education and work with children are at the top of the list as well as organizational work. September through December offers travel and creativity; you may return to a favorite locale for a while. You will be dealing with people and situations from your past that now want your input, but they may be unwilling to change. Be patient as not everyone can deal with changes as well as you can. Your greatest strength is Adaptability.

Cancer Sun

June 22 - July 21 and Cancer Rising

The trend for testing your inner strengths and core foundation continues. A new, irritating person or situation may cause you to re-look at how much stress you want to be under, and indeed, the effects on your health. While the situation is fluid it is not going to go away. A retreat for rethinking your life and options could be in order. Loyalty to others is a wonderful attribute, but now you must also consider your duties to yourself. August brings clarity and December a better path. Some forgotten creative projects begin to take shape in your mind again. Your greatest asset is the ability to Comfort.

Leo Sun

July 22 - August 21 and Leo Rising

A change of location may still be a consideration as you opt for a seven year plan or partnership. Papers, contracts and legal issues show in your stars as positive energies. July and October are especially in your favor in these matters. Small irritations are not worth displaying your temper. Assign someone else to manage stressful matters and stay out of their way. You are moving to the top now and will receive acclaim. In December issues from the past return to be solved. Remember that different may not be wrong. Diplomacy will bring many benefits. Your true strength is Love.

Virgo Sun

August 22 - September 21 and Virgo Rising

Thoughts about travel are entering your mind, becoming more of a reality this December and into the following year. For the next six months, you seem to re-form and re-group your core beliefs. Many Virgos will teach or take classes with children and to express their own creativity. In September, an old job comes back with financial improvements at year's end. Former associates/friends may be back in the picture also, but they will choose a different path from yours. Most of your opportunities are stable in the creative and spiritual arts. Outside events are in flux. You are known for your Thoughtfulness.

Libra Sun

September 21 - October 22 and Libra Rising

As one of the energies now connected to world balance, you may be very affected by current events. Saturn in your Sunsign is giving you more responsibility and less control. July and September will lighten your heart with social activities and possible travel. September also brings back work that you love to do and you will excel there. Family situations may concern you and while there may not be firm answers, here, a new direction for old issues comes into the picture this fall. Others may want to make you feel uncomfortable or guilty. Go your own inner way. Your strength is in your Peacefulness.

Scorpio Sun

October 22 - November 21 and Scorpio Rising

The past, in every aspect, seems to be weighing on you and you may seek solace in places of retreat to work things out. The next six months bring opportunities for arbitration and agreements that can reduce stress. New friends come through groups and clubs this December. You are under a long trend of spiritual rejuvenation and transition. August breaks up ideas that are not well founded while November offers more effective ways to communicate your new understandings with others. Creative ideas are taking shape that will become a reality next year. Keep a journal of all your thoughts. Your strongest asset is Insight.

Sagittarius Sun

November 22 - December 21 and Sagittarius Rising

Someone has changed their mind or is backing off from an agreement. Try a different approach, perhaps a surprise. The stars continue to give you opportunities in group settings and organizational work. December brings strong energies for advancement as a situation from the past reappears with more attraction. You may find yourself working with people you do not understand yet group effort improves finances. July brings social activities with friends and October, travel and adventure. Your greatest asset is the ability to Forgive.

Capricorn Sun

December 22 - January 21 and Capricorn Rising

Capricorn is one of the signs connected to the current world changes and you may be feeling overwhelmed and insecure by these events. Fortunately, Jupiter, now in Taurus, will give you more of a stable footing and understanding as you continue to watch the world spin. You will succeed in business by advancing practical programs and plans of action, not to change the world, but to offer an alternate way of thinking and feeling. December brings opportunities in travel, education and family reunions. Children express their love. A postponed event will come about next year. Your greatest strength is Resilience.

Aquarius Sun

January 22 - Feb 21 and Aquarius Rising

Your stars are a bit divided over the next six months. Money that you thought was lost will return through legal or banking systems starting in September. Processing will take time. Travel, local and foreign, will become more of a trend in your life as well as working with new technology. A family situation may cause concern, but does not require action from you this year. An employer from the past may want to work with you again. This might be a good idea, especially if there is a family connection. A spiritual current is calling you back to your deeper and perhaps former practices. Your greatest ability is Perception.

Pisces Sun

February 22 - March 21 and Pisces Rising

Your stars have cleared away some of the challenges in your life so that you can move forwards towards your goals. You do need to keep one foot on the ground while your eyes are focused on a cloud, however. Some practicality and structure from a Taurus or Venus ruled person will help to put your ideas into reality. Finances could hold you back from moving too fast and this is a good check as once you like something, you tend to go overboard. September brings new friends and many creative Pisces will find themselves in successful theater and music productions. Your greatest strength is in your ability to Give.

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