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Medical Camp Update

With Bhagavan's blessing, from December, 2010 through February, 2011, the medical camp team surveyed additional villages for service. Previously 45 villages were directly served by the camps. In December this was increased to 58 villages.

After this, a new model for service has been introduced, in which twelve 'medical center' villages have been established for the medical camps, and women and children now come to this central point for service, from an average of ten villages in the surrounding catchment area of each 'medical center'. Because of this new model, approximately 130 villages are now being served.

High protein mix packets, vitamins and medicines continue to be distributed. Water filters continue to be given to village schools; hygiene kits and saris to the new mothers who come to the camps, and baby kits to the infants. As of May, 2011, shoulder bags are now also being given to the government village health workers (ASHA workers) who help in bringing the pregnant ladies to our camps.

From January to May, 2011, 1,908 prenatal checkups, 1,432 checkups for infants under one year, and 1,826 checkups for children from two years to five years were performed in our medical camps.


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