Mother Sathya Sai


Don't Miss Me I've Not Gone

by Karen Flagg

Don't miss me I've not gone


I live inside your heart,

With faith and love you must


Of Me, you are a part.

Do tell how one can part the

Endless ocean from a wave,

Or distance my devotees,

When their blissful love I crave.

I'm here as I have always been,

I've merely changed my form.

I've taken on my cosmic self,

The body–tired and worn...

Was left a gift to mother earth,

To rest upon her bosom,

And for those pilgrims near

and far,

Whose fate too late were chosen.

Just call my name and I’ll be


To wipe away your tears,

To hold you in my loving arms,

To cast away your fears.

Don’t miss me, I’ve not gone


There is no place to go,

Just look inside your peaceful


My Presence you will know.

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