Mother Sathya Sai


God in plainclothes

On a monsoon dawn, in countryside…
kindness of bliss: pouring down.
The rattles of trees…. the murmurs of leaves….
Blowing spray of heavenly benevolence….
The smell of rain and thundering clouds-
Announcing the arrival majestically. 

On a rain wretched pit, in puddle of slush-
a miserable puppy- deep in sorrow
Hungry ….Tired… and chilling cold..
facing squarely -the unknown fate!
Shaken to heart …
by the night that passed:
Frightened to core-
all alone.
Shivering… soaking…and sobbing..  
Deeply missing
the warmth of her mom.

On a stimulant to thirst of breathe
Weighed down, though, by her waning chance:
The puppy just tried one last time-
Only to drop-
into foregone doom.
and fading away
Concluding a life: not yet lived

Then comes the hands stretching down..
Consoling and reassuring-
radiating the mercy of lord !
Awakened to the refuge of raincoat,
and resurrected to depth of kindness….

On that monsoon dawn, in countryside:
the puppy  gazed at her almighty !

Murralikrishna SA
Security Supervisor-CCJ

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