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Love All Serve All

by Barbie Maharaj

Swami so sweetly exhorts us to “ Love all and serve all” and even though this message is so often repeated in spiritual talks and discourses, if we are truly honest, unconditional love still remains as an ideal to aspire to at some future point in our lives or perhaps we are waiting for some as yet unknown force that will automatically catapult us from our mundane existence to a more exalted realm.

Swami can change earth into sky and vice versa but he cannot change the hearts of men. Only we by our sincere effort can do that. Inside ourselves is the place to look for the answers that we endlessly seek outside of ourselves. We look to others for approval, for acceptance and validation for our very identity when what we should be doing is going within. Let the inward path become our eternal pilgrim to the Divine Abode (from Prashanthi to Hrudaya from form to formless) because as we become more still and silent the presence of God makes itself known. He whispers to us softly in the silence of our hearts.

Swami says that the only way to reach God is through service to man. If we cannot see God in every living being, regardless of race, colour, creed or religion we will never find God in any books temple, shrine or scripture. It is only when the love of God is felt in the hearts of men that reverence for all life blossoms. The suffering of another cannot fail to diminish us in some way because we are all joined by a single thread of life. Their pain becomes your pain, their sorrows becomes yours. Love is what melts all barriers and love is what brings us to the ultimate truth that in loving and serving all we love and serve only ourselves in all.

But our love is not real if it perceives differences between us and others and is governed by judgements of all kinds. Lets make a commitment to Swami today to take the baby steps towards unconditional love and like a loving Mother,He will take our hands and guide us to the goal.

If our desire is pure and is issued from a sincere heart, it must come true.Our purpose in life is to radiate this love and peace out into our world. Our happiness is derived from this. We cannot enjoy love, happiness, peace and prosperity if we do not wish it for the entire world too.

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