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Don’t Waste Your Opportunity to Seek God

by Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

Waste no more time, for if you have to change your bodily residence you will have to wait a long time for another opportunity to seek God earnestly, passing first through the travails of childhood and the restlessness of youth. Why squander your time in useless desires? It is foolish to spend your life seeking things you must forsake at death. You will never find happiness that way. But every effort you make toward the contact of God in meditation will bring you an everlasting gift of the soul. Start now – those of you who are real lovers of God, seeking not your own glory, but the glory of Spirit.

Each one has to win his own victory. Make up your mind that you are going to be supremely victorious. You don’t need an army or money or any other material help to gain the highest victory attainable; just a string determination that you are going to win. All you have to do is sit still in meditation, and with the sword of discrimination cut off, one by one, the advance of restless thoughts. When they will all be dead, God’s kingdom of calm wisdom will be yours.

Excerpt from How to Find a Way to Victory
(1986, Self –Realization Fellowship)

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