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Sai Women Authors

In this feature we are showcasing the work of women authors who are Sai devotees. Some of these books are old friends and some newer, but all are well worth a read. Look for additions to our showcase over the next few months!

Sathya Sai Baba: The Universal Heart

by Mata Betty

Mata Betty was a beloved elder of the Sai family of New Zealand. She taught and guided and inspired and corrected a whole generation of devotees from New Zealand, earning the title that Swami gave her, of ‘Mata’.

Straight from the Heart

Empty the mind and develop deep compassionate love, and this is another little secret, there is always something, if you are truly in earnest something will pop up. It can be something you have read in the paper, about an accident: immediately, send your prayers out, your loving thoughts out. Track them away from yourself. Even if you can’t physically render assistance, you can immediately send that person who is in some tragic situation some warm thoughts, some loving thoughts and compassion.

Many people I have noticed say, when they hear of something like a plane crash, “Isn’t it terrible?” This is wasting time, wasting time. When you hear of tragedy, immediately pray. The power of prayer is inexplicable. The power of prayer can have a positive effect. God helps them physically. “Oh, please God, help them, Oh God, Oh God.” It is so easy to do this. “Oh God, Oh God” – That’s a prayer. “Oh God, help them.” That’s an instant prayer of compassion. It’s so simple. You don’t have to go to a special corner or a special place. The special place is your heart; it goes straight to God. God is there. You are not separate from Him. He is you, and it is coming straight from the heart. That is how I think you come to know God; it is through that really compassionate heart. You see, because you are God – that compassion you give is God’s compassion. pp. 5 – 6

On Compassion

Sai Baba guided me to a key to Christ Consciousness. Compassion goes right to the heart of it. To develop Christ Consciousness, learn to have compassion, to be sympathetic. When genuine feeling for others comes from your heart, you are beginning to manifest that great Consciousness. Do not talk unkindly about others, it takes you away from universal or Christ Consciousness. The Beloved Jesus said, “Have compassion to those that curse you.” Jesus hated no one, because He saw God in everyone. Lord Krishna said, “The one who is supreme regards all with equal mindedness. Do not harm yourself by thoughts and tongue by criticizing others. It will reflect on you. Be sincere with everyone and above all be true and sincere with yourself. I am the charioteer of your hearts and cannot be deceived.” pp. 10 - 11

What I insist upon is putting the things I have said into practice, at least one or two teachings. (p. 15) - Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Pure Consciousness

Your judgments of yourself keep you from knowing, feeling, experiencing. One way or the other, you have the awareness of Pure Consciousness or the awareness of ego consciousness. There are no other choices. Control your awareness, focus your energy on Pure Consciousness. Awareness and love are identical. Love is what awareness feels like. There is but One. Always say mentally, “I am Pure Consciousness, awareness manifesting in this body.” Think of God’s Love. God is Love. Because thinking of God without feeling God can be very boring. God is not a thought. God is a feeling... What you concentrate on you will experience. Concentrate upon what is eternal, the light within, that you are existence, and become awakened. Allow yourself to move into this light.

Concentration, gentle yet firm, is essential. Living each day in harmony with your true Self is a treasure worth more than all the gems of this world. pp. 42 - 43

A Meditation

... I gave you determination for yourself, your nature in accordance with your own free will. Neither heavenly nor earthly in nature, you were free to fashion yourself in whatever form you preferred. You had the power to choose the lowest forms of life; you also had the power, out of your soul’s judgment, to be reborn into a higher form, which is Divine.

I have never withdrawn your great power, the power to choose. What have you done with this tremendous gift since? Look at yourself. Think of the choices you have made in your life. Recall now those bitter, sad moments when you would fall to your knees and cry, “Please, if only I had the opportunity to choose again!” What is past is past – use wisely, your power to choose this moment. Choose to love – rather than hate. Choose to be happy – rather than cry. Choose to create rather than destroy. Choose to persevere – rather than give up. Choose to give – rather than take. Choose to grow – rather than stagnate. Choose to pray – rather than curse. pp. 82 - 83

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