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The Creation Story

by Priya S. Tandon

To begin with there was the ONE absolute self alone. There was nothing till Brahma willed the creation of the worlds. The Lord says, “There was no one to know who I am, till I created this world at my pleasure with one word.”

From the word OM came the five elements. Space came first. From Space came Air. Air gave way to Fire and from Fire emerged Water. From Water did the Earth come.

From the heart of OM emerged Truth and all the worlds in their infinite grandeur.

From this omnipotent ocean of glory, came Time... creating and mastering the order of the Night and the Day. The Lord and Master then willed the creation of the Sun and the Moon; the Heaven and the Earth.

Instantly Mountains appeared and Rivers started to flow. Seas and Desert Lands appeared. The Earth below and the Sky overhead came about from nowhere. The Sun and the Moon sprang up in the Sky and illumined the Earth.

Mother Earth is upheld by the universal truth and meticulous order created by the Divine. Prayers, Devotion and Faith shall uphold the Eternal Mother for all times to come, as she who is Grace personified showers upon us her unending bounties.

To prove His existence, the Lord fashioned all forms of life ... Mankind, Birds, Beasts and endowed them with the powers of speaking, hearing ... Brahma is present in all these creatures that inhabit the Earth and beyond. He bestowed all powers upon them by His Divine Will.

The essence of all these creatures is Consciousness. Consciousness is Brahma!

Of all forms of life, the highest place was granted to Man and the knowledge of the Divine was placed in him. Until such knowledge was placed in the mind of Man, Man was but an animal.

The Path of Liberation is through the knowledge of the Divine only.

Man prays for perfection. He prays that all the virtues found in the Upanishads, be resident in him. May he never forget Brahma and may Brahma, never overlook him.

Arise Oh Men! Come one, come all. Let us not be ungrateful called. Let us faithfully serve Him and love Him, love Him, love Him. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

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