Mother Sathya Sai

Art Department


by Lyn Kriegler

MOTHER SATHYA SAI: This watercolour painting is dedicated to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, representing Him as the Divine Mother, presiding over and blessing all dharmic activities of women from every race, country, caste and creed.

On the left: An Arabian Bedouin woman lovingly cradling her newborn baby
On the right: An Asian orphan is given shelter and warmth; a young girl is encouraged to lift her heart to God

On the left: Closeup of Bhagavan
On the right: An African woman in the capacity of nurturer and loving nurse to a hungry or unwell child; a young Hindu girl in traditional dress performs an Indian classical dance

On the left: A woman in an auspicious red sari weaves a garland of devotion
On the right: A sumangali (married woman) performs arati to Bhagavan, offering her head, hands and heart, her service, her love and devotion to God

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