Mother Sathya Sai


Easwaramma, Mother Divine

by Karen Flagg

Swami’s mother, Easwaramma, continues to serve as a wonderful role model for Sai women. Here, poet Karen Flagg pens a heartfelt wish to become more like Easwaramma.

Easwaramma, Mother Divine
Heart of my heart - love caught in time.
Show me the ways of a pure loving heart -
Of selfless surrender - I'm ready to start
Letting go of the ways so hot and directive,
To become more like you - so cool and receptive.
Take my pride - let it dwindle and crumble,
Make me like you, so gentle and humble.
Open my eyes to the needs of the poor,
Open my heart - let it be the door
Through which flows the love of compassion and caring
Of tender succor, of patience and sharing.
Mother of Mothers, I'm ready to try
To become more like you, in the eyes of our Sai.

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