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Astrological Predictions for: July - December, 2019

by Dr. Mary Dixon

This interpretation can be read for both your sun sign and your rising sign.

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As the end of this year and beginning of next year approaches, three major planets combine forces in one Astrology sign creating a strong fusion of energies. Many transformations can occur in our inner and outer worlds.

Mary Dixon

Aries Sun

March 22 - April 21 and Aries Rising

The planet Mars, ruler of Aries, gives you energy and direction or focus. Lately, however, you have been spending too much of this talent working with the pressures of business and other changes in the world. Take advantage of July and August to relax, as playful energies give you a break. Activities with children, family, sports and fun call you to get away. Venus vibes are very much in the picture. Mid-August and September give you greater insight into problems but do not offer specific solutions yet. Be attentive to any health considerations at that time. Others are disagreeable in October and November. Cooperation seems impossible. It is not a good time for you to be direct or to argue, Aries. December, Mars enters Scorpio, a kindred sign, and you will have the ability to change what is needed so as to move ahead. Finances also improve. The one area of your stars that usually remains a constant with you is your strong direction towards the spiritual. Note that mid-September will bring discord in the outer trappings of your beliefs, but not the inner connection. This remains a constant focus and guide within you.

Taurus Sun

April 22 - May 21 and Taurus Rising

The planet Venus, ruler of Taurus, is all about love and service. This is an ever-present awareness in your psyche. Your approach to life is more global than most. Now, and for some time to come, your career opportunities in that regard are quite positive and many goals will be met. At the same time, you will be sought after to head up programs of service to others. You will be moving in that direction until December when you could be involved in a special institution that strongly supports the needs of others and is also positive for your career. The stars of August and September bring conflicting energies. Some financial inconsistencies could be discovered. This requires your personal attention. Avoid risks. A young family member is not on the right track and you know it. But life is about to step in and correct the situation in September. October to mid-November is positive for finances, but people you work with are annoying. Besides career advancement in December, all partnerships are positive. Year's end brings strong Venus activities. Some Taureans will marry. Others will travel or move. Many connections to philosophic, religious and government services begin. Dreams can be prophetic.

Gemini Sun

May 22 - June 21 and Gemini Rising

Gemini, Mercury, your ruler makes you the repository of information; with a keen mind and good intuition, leading to higher knowledge. The symbol of the Gemini twins also represents the union of your higher mind and spirit. The next six months will challenge your insight regarding other people and their honesty - at work and at play. Try to make no decisions or judgements in August through mid-September. However, strong influences from spiritual energies also become, more and more, a part of your life. You may undergo a change of focus in that direction. July is more relaxing as stress issues take a back seat. October through mid- November turns your mind towards Venus activities. Spend more time with children and also your creative side at that time. Finances improve in December as new situations develop in the world. For the scientific Gemini, new studies may change some of the information you have gathered. Look into classes and seminars for updates. For the scholarly Gemini, new technology can help you in all communication projects. Let your mind and spirit work together in all cases.

Cancer Sun

June 22 - July 21 and Cancer Rising

The Moon, your ruler, Cancer, gives you strong nurturing instincts; it rules the emotions, your creative emotions and your need to gather things and protect them. At the higher level, the Moon rules ceremonial order - those patterns and invocations that draw the spirit to the earth. Right now, Cancer, your life may be filled with added responsibilities, even care-taking. It could be time to share your burden with others, even helping organizations. The stars show that you are at a high stress point. August and September bring favourable responses to your needs. Family members are irritating in October and November but don't be manipulated. Follow the advice of professionals. There are Venus activities in December that may lead to talk of commitment. While things look positive for you here, there could be some delay due to world conditions. In this area, depend heavily on your spiritual practices for guidance, direction and help. You are entering a period that seems to be a natural trend for pulling away from attachment to more worldly people and things.

Leo Sun

July 22 - August 21 and Leo Rising

Leo, the Sun, your personal ruler, represents the individual life force, but the higher octave of that energy is synthesis; a blending together of all. Therefore, your true nature is expressed more through inclusiveness. Right now, your inner Sun is expressing itself through the creative arts, children and philosophy. There is some suggestion of combining these creative areas with your work as the practical meets the mystical or inspired thought in a good combination. A longing to go more deeply into yourself is a trend which is beginning to take effect. Many unexpected changes over the next several years will be irritating, but should not change your goals. August planets bring you more physical energy and a more relaxed environment; however, finances are more difficult. September is chaotic and not much will work out. But October and November are creative with Venus energies in place. November is favourable for all communications. By the end of this year, major planets enter your place of health and work. Many changes can occur in these areas. Rise above the superficial and see the higher intent.

Virgo Sun

August 22 - September 21 and Virgo Rising

Mercury, your ruler, gives the ability to analyse and separate the good from the questionable. The higher octave is intuition, where knowledge and wisdom are immediate. You know that words must represent their true meaning to have power. New twists to old wisdoms do not sit well with you, Virgo. And right now, you are finding that truths are being watered down and moving away from their original meanings. Starting in December, you will be involved in and excel in, correcting many problems of this nature. New technology will be at your disposal. Stressful family or living situations will also begin to change for the positive in December. In July and August, the past moves into the present. October through mid-November is good for all agreements and arbitration, but action will take a few weeks to occur. In mid-November through December many things begin to change in your life. The sensible and spiritual combine forces. Some Virgos will advance in their careers while others will consider marriage. Many Virgos will change their lifestyles or goals to meet their new inner realizations.

Libra Sun

September 22 - October 21 and Libra Rising

Your ruler, Venus, expresses equality, justice and cohesiveness through the sign of Libra. You create fairness and balance in all subjects at the highest level. July and August bring social activities and local travel. Some seminars of interest are offered. A friend visits in August and September. You may find that he is untruthful. Your health issues may need attending to as Mars, your opposite energy, moves into Libra, October to mid-November. You will find that you cannot make a decision; nothing seems to match what you are looking for. A move or change of locale could be part of this dilemma. Allow yourself to not choose at this time, despite family pressure. Your inner devotion lights your path. December is the time for negotiations, as your own insight clears. More money is likely. A health situation turns positive in the first week of December. Be where you are most comfortable, both inwardly and in the outside world. Know where your own balance is and do not be dissuaded.

Scorpio Sun

October 22 - November 21 and Scorpio Rising

Pluto's energy gives you unique insight into the depths of human experience and the heights of spiritual perception. It is often hard for you to strike a middle path. Right now, all relationships seem difficult, especially family understanding; but the next six months do favour you with insight into the practical and spiritual bonds that already exist. The next six months beckon you to teach a class or give seminars in how spiritual perceptions and values create better business as well as lighten our lives and the energies of the planet. Similar work will continue to attract you for some time to come. August and September are positive for all organizational work, but problems in finances may occur. Venus energies are around in December. December favours individual creativity and spiritual work with children. Major opportunities in December and beyond, bring career advancements. These will include the practical or worldly becoming infused with understanding and higher principles.

Sagittarius Sun

November 22 - December 21 and Sagittarius Rising

The next five months remain somewhat unchanged for you, but some small energies allow for movement. July until mid-August are quite positive for travel, legal, and self-esteem. Your ruler, Jupiter, gives wisdom, identity and a sense of the inner path; this summer, is a special time for self-inquiry. September can bring a feeling of chaos from your work and a disappointment in others. But the energies of October, bring hope as friends and social events restore your humour. However, give all conversations a reality check before acting on them. November and December, a friend from the past brings creative ideas that have value. In December, you may decide to change the way you handle your responsibilities, by adding even more practicality and safety measures to your processes. Family and housing issues improve in December. That month, your ruler Jupiter enters the sign of Capricorn indicating a positive, but more concentrated effort to improve your finances. Remember the higher side of Sagittarius is wisdom, but the playful side can leave it behind.

Capricorn Sun

December 22 - January 21 and Capricorn Rising

Besides talents of organisation and steadfastness, Capricorn's ruler, Saturn, rules time and will. Most Capricorns use time wisely. When the odds are against them, they double their efforts and focus so as to achieve goals; spiritual and personal. Because of this, you may seem aloof and unapproachable to others. Reach out more. Saturn, now transiting Capricorn, is adding to your concentration and efforts to finish certain projects by year's end. You may have a sense of urgency to stick to your plans, even though there is no timeline. While this is a good thing, much may change at year's end and plans may have to be adjusted. Issues from the past may not get settled over the next six months. Don't waste your time here. All creative and spiritual energies are positive and within your reach to work with. July and August are positive for finances. August and September show travel and education, but also disappointment in promises not kept. Career irritations in November give way to December happiness with many social activities.

Aquarius Sun

January 22 - February 21 and Aquarius Rising

Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, brings higher levels of perception, judgement and discernment. In its spiritual quest and services, it seeks the greater good for all. Over the next several years, you will undergo some changes in your understanding of the written creeds or wisdoms from your faith or philosophy. These clarifications will be validated by spiritual friends and organizations, but family elders may not approve. It is useless to try to change an unwilling person in these matters. Keep demonstrating your concern for all in your activities. Argumentative people in July, both in family and at work; negotiations are difficult. Social activities in August with family and friends lighten your mood. September energies tend to weaken finances, but major players from your past step in to correct the situation. You might consider working with an organization from your past when an offer comes to you in December. Be aware of what is going on in the world and which company is benefiting from current changes. October through mid-November brings some relief from stress, and travel is indicated. December brings a consideration of career or position change for you and the possibility of a move.

Pisces Sun

February 22 - March 21 and Pisces Rising

Your ruler Neptune is still in its own sign of Pisces and will continue to lead you through many higher levels of mystical understanding. Over the next five months, your analytical mind will be challenged by new concepts and how they might fit into your lifestyle or discarded. Your health is sensitive in July and August and travel plans may change. September energies bring discord with others and irritations at work. Leave decisions about partnerships alone for now and re-look at them in December. Plans for group activities in October may fall through but any legal activity is positive. Mid-November through December is quite positive as the planets help you achieve your goals. All education, teachers and retreats become available to you. December begins a new vibration of steadiness and security into you stars. You may be accepted into a school, organization or career related program that offers many benefits. The uncertainty of the past will stabilize as you move into the following year.

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