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 December 5, 2019


1. Plant the seedling of devotion in the mind

  • The negative and positive powers (sakthis) both together will givethe Light. Plant the seedling of devotion, namely, the preliminary exercise of remembering the Lord’s name (namasmarana), in the mind. That will grow into a tree with the branches of virtue, service, sacrifice, love, equanimity, fortitude, and courage. You swallow food, but you are not aware of how that food is transformed into energy, intelligence, emotion, and health. In the same way, just swallow this food for the spirit; this remembrance of the Lord’s name, and watch how it gets transmuted into virtue and the rest without your being aware of it.
  • BABA (SSS Vol 2, Chapter 3)


2. Reveal the splendour of the Atma

  • Five sheaths encase the Atma (Soul) and hide its splendour from revealing itself. Make all these pure and shining. The physical sheath (annamaya kosa) must be purified by good, clean, pure food; the vital sheath (pranamaya kosa) by calm, steady breathing and an equanimous temper; the mental sheath (manomaya kosa) by holy thoughts and emotions, untouched by attachment to senses or unaffected by joy or grief; the wisdom sheath (vijnanamaya kosa) by contemplation of the reality; and the bliss sheath (anandamaya kosa) by getting immersed in the ecstasy of God-realisation.
  • BABA (SSS Vol 2, Chapter 2


3. The true Devotee

  • Unless you go through the rough and the smooth, how can you be hardened? Welcome the light and the shade, the sun and the rain. Do not think that only those who worship a picture or image with pompous paraphernalia are devotees. Whoever walks straight along the moral path, whoever acts as they speak and speaks as they have seen, whoever melts at another’s woe and exults at another’s joy — they are devotees, perhaps greater devotees.
  • BABA (SSS Vol 2, Chapter 2)


4. Duties must be done as worship

  • The practice of dharma is the Art of Living. That is why, in the Gita, Krishna taught Arjuna about giving up the fruits of action, not about giving up the body. No attempt need be made to run away from the duties of one’s station and status. Remember, those duties have to be done as worship, as offerings of one’s intelligence and skill, qualities, and thoughts and feelings to the Feet of the Lord in a spirit of thankfulness for the chance given, without a trace of egoism or a sense of attachment to the fruits of the actions. Obligatory actions have to be carried out, wherever you are, with care and sincerity. They award the needed discrimination and non-attachment.
  • BABA (SSS Vol 2, Chapter 6)


5. Fresh charming saplings

  • Children are fresh charming saplings, who can be made, by care and love, to blossom into ideal citizens. The mother and the father must bear a major share of the responsibility for the proper upbringing of children. The earliest years of life are the most crucial. The skills, the attitudes, the emotions, the impulses that make or mar the future are built into the Foundation of Life in those years. The parents can help or hinder the making of that foundation, strong and straight.
  • BABA (SSS Vol 9, Chapter 2)


6. Reverence for Parents, Teachers and Elders

  • Children must grow up in homes, where their parents honour their parents, in their turn, and are happy only when they serve their elders. Then only will children revere their parents! This must be taught to them by example, rather than by precept! Schooling is a waste, if children do not learn lasting virtues, do not develop strength of character, as a result of the process. They must learn reverence for parents, teachers, and elders. Now, they learn a number of copy book maxims; but they do not put a single one into practice in daily life.
  • BABA (SSS Vol 9, Chapter 2)


7. God is visible when concretised by sadhana

  • There are people who go about declaring that there is no God, because they are not able to see Him. They say that they have searched in space, on the way to the moon, and even on the moon but there was no sign of the Almighty. But they themselves are, all the time, the mansions in which He resides! Like the blind bamboozling the blind into a fall, others too, repeat like parrots, this "fashionable slogan." No one sees the roots; but, they are there, deep in the soil, away from all eyes. Can you, do you assert; that there are no roots for trees, that nothing feeds them or upholds them, from below? God feeds, sustains, holds firm - unseen. He can be seen by those who make the effort, along the lines laid down for the purpose, by those who have succeeded in experiencing Him. God is, as butter in milk, visible when concretised by saadhana (spiritual striving).
  • BABA (SSS Vol 9, Chapter 8)


8. Be like the lotus on water

  • Reduce wants, live simply, that is the way to happiness. Attachment brings sorrow in its wake; at last, when death demands that everything be left behind and everybody be deserted, you are overpowered with grief! Be like the lotus on water; on it, not in it. Water is necessary for the lotus to grow; but, it will not allow even a drop to wet it. The objective world is the arena of virtue and the gymnasium for the spirit. But, use it only for that purpose; do not raise it to a higher status and adore it as all-important.
  • BABA (SSS Vol 9, Chapter 8)


9. The meaning of ‘MAN’

  • Of the three letters in the word ‘MAN’, ‘M’ is for Maya or illusion which has to be transcended to realise one’s true nature, the Atma for which ‘A’ stands. This will lead to ‘N’ or Nirvaana (liberation), which is the goal of mankind.
  • BABA (Sanathana Sarathi, June 1997, Page 157)


10. Do not hesitate to practise humility

  • Preliminary to any seva (service), you have to uproot all egotistic tendencies, get rid of all sense of mine and thine and burn to ashes the pride that comes of the feeling that you are offering service to someone poorer and less fortunate. The feelings of 'I' and 'mine' are at the root of all the misery in the world. Do not hesitate to practise humility and obedience, discipline and compassion. Give up pride at your status, wealth, scholarship or official position.
  • BABA (SSS Vol 14, Chapter 13)

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