Mother Sathya Sai


From the Window of a Train, Puttaparthi Bound, July 2010

by Girija Rajaram

Oh smiling land so lush and green
God’s Sunshine bathes you in light
This land it is that farmers plough
To make it yield Treasure bright

How often do we realize the farmer’s role
In keeping us happy and fed
For if he did not wade in sticky mud
How would Earth yield bounty and bread

Neat brown furrows curving on fields
Where lush green plants abound
With rain the bushes grow day by day
Tall and strong all around

And when the bounty is harvested rich
And to our table finds its way
How many of us think of the Power around
And the farmer who toils over the day

Oh smiling land, so green and gold
Interspersed with trees
Teach us mortals wisdom to seek
God all around, in beasts and birds and bees


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