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Astrological Predictions for: January - July, 2014

by Dr. Mary Dixon

This interpretation can be read for both your sun sign and your rising sign.

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Aries Sun

March 22 - April 21 and Aries Rising

The planet Uranus continues its seven year sojourn through the sign of Aries. Uranus is restless and changeable, but brings new ideas, especially in technology, to the fore. Your personal Aries talents benefit by the push from Uranus to try out your ideas and put them to use. Be prepared, however, to be patient over the next six months as obstacles to positive change will occur, especially in February, April and June. While success will come about, challenges and duties from family, partners and some career changes will take time to solve. The months of March and June are better financially and have good negotiation energies. Your abilities to shine and lead will not be obvious to everyone just now. Know each situation thoroughly before joining in. Depend on your spiritual insight.

Taurus Sun

April 22 - May 21 and Taurus Rising

Possible challenges in health and work environment will need to be addressed and while minor, will take effort over the next six months. Communications and information will need to be corrected from time to time. Some partners seem distant and unreachable, but family connections improve even though you may have to get involved with their problems. May suggests a major alliance that benefits you socially and materially. A situation from the past concerning work may need legal attention and require travel. Your insistence on clarity will be met. Though you may feel disconnected from your inner quiet space from time to time, the stars show that your spiritual awareness is constantly pushing forward. Keep checking in, if only for a moment.

Gemini Sun

May 22 - June 21 and Gemini Rising

In your enthusiasm to make changes, details may have been overlooked. All work that involves children needs to be checked for prior regulations that may stand in your way. Negotiate in February or June for what you need. Finances for all Geminis need attention; what is due you, may be delayed or in question. Good benefits from clubs and group associations. Enlist a young person to represent your ideas and creativity. More action occurs in June for what you want, so that patience is necessary in the preceding months. You are currently undergoing a trend which requires you to keep your goals and standards at the highest levels while waiting for the ways and means to catch up to that level. Investigate the inner meaning of each challenge, understand, and then, move on.

Cancer Sun

June 22 - July 21 and Cancer Rising

Jupiter continues in your sign for six more months bringing form and action to your ideas and creativity. The spiritual and the practical combine for success. However, many other challenges that need attention will occur. These come from family, home and career, leaving less time to respond to inspiration. Over the next six months, you may be required to take work home with you for completion. Also home and property may need repairs. Partners seem less dependable in all categories. Organization and delegation will see you through. Now is the time to make fair demands. Make time for spiritual practices and groups to relieve and refresh your mind. March, May and June offer the strongest opportunities for organization, and cooperation. Know what you can do, what you are required to do and what you want to do. Eliminate what you can live without.

Leo Sun

July 22 - August 21 and Leo Rising

You will have to create new bridges from your inner self to the outside world as new responsibilities do not seem to relate to what you have learned. Applying the general to the particular can be difficult and you may have to create many new methods of expression in order to relate to what is required. This will prove to be a positive opportunity for you at every level. Work with youth, such as tutoring or coaching comes into the picture, but be selective and know the background of your students. Family, home and environmental concerns need your attention. Your willingness to cooperate will motivate others to solve problems. April and June offer opportunities for travel, social activities and fun group projects.

Virgo Sun

August 22 - September 21 and Virgo Rising

Work with finances, possessions and attachments, takes center stage as Mars, the planet of discovery and action brings your attention to this area. Be sure to keep records on paper as well as in your computer and remember that financial experts can make mistakes. Good energies for organization and expert advice help you make good decisions over the next six months. Risk nothing, but take control of what you have. Your spiritual and social life combine in helpful activities that are fun. Understand objections by others to your new projects. It may just be in regard to extra money spent rather than the project itself. Invite them to help. January and May planets offer strong support for all your endeavors.

Libra Sun

September 22 - October 21 and Libra Rising

Mars stays in your sign for the next seven months. It is a direct energy that finds the more balanced energies of Libra, difficult. Thus some chaos can be expected as Mars stirs up your peaceful Libran tendencies. Partners and associates want you more available for their needs. Work and family demands will tend to pull you in several directions. No one will want to cooperate and stress can occur. However, after you analyze what is necessary, turn away from the rest and move to your own needs. There is not much you can do with the craziness around you, anyway and you can help by lifting the vibrations. February and June offer the best times for solving problems.

Scorpio Sun

October 22 - November 21 and Scorpio Rising

Saturn continues through Scorpio for another year, emphasizing responsibilities and deeper understanding of your own nature and capabilities. Many opportunities are still available for you, in travel, education and improvement in all communication areas. For the next six months, you will be drawn to places of retreat, and service. However, you may find these disquieting and unorganized. If you have the time, take the lead and straighten things out, but don't expect good results until May. Work with creative and musical children comes into the picture and makes you happy. Finances improve in May and June. Trust your intuition.

Sagittarius Sun

November 22 - December 21 and Sagittarius Rising

Many activities with youth are in the picture for the next six months. Whether coaching, teaching or running programs, you will be popular and succeed in your goals here. Many Sagittarians will join fitness clubs and health groups. You seem to be drawn to the past and people you once knew. This will turn out to be beneficial to you and help sort out spaces in your memory. Teachers and elders from the past send you higher energies now. Scrambled finances start improving in April and monies owed you will be paid in May/June. Complete and organize projects in your life now, as new opportunities, possibly re-location, are possible in the summer.

Capricorn Sun

December 22 - January 21 and Capricorn Rising

Pluto continues its sojourn through Capricorn over the next ten years. Besides ruling your personal stars, Capricorn subjects include government and larger businesses. Pluto brings renovation, and reconstruction and change. You can see this in the world around you, but also look to the changes you want to make in your own life and know that the power is there to do so. Keep old wisdoms, but convert them to modern situations and problems. Over the next six months, you will analyze relationships, keeping the ones that are truly supportive of you and letting go of the rest. Career and work challenges demand your attention, but are minor. June includes strong Venus energies.

Aquarius Sun

January 22 - February 21 and Aquarius Rising

Legal questions can arise now over career or work environment. Make sure you are within regulations and code. Higher-ups will procrastinate until June when positive changes will be made. Secrets that come out could ruin a friendship. Keep to your higher knowledge which truly is your best friend. Some Aquarians may have sensitive health issues. Take care of all necessary regimens; June will bring a positive change here. May and June show a better position for you, but not much change in finances. You will be analyzing schools of higher education for yourself and your children. This can bring family travel and togetherness.

Pisces Sun

February 22 - March 21 and Pisces Rising

Just now, you are one of the luckier zodiac signs, with most energies favoring you. Your creativity and spirituality continue to blossom with Neptune slowly moving through your sun sign. May and June bring travel and educational opportunities; reunions with children and distant loved ones are possible. Your partner's finances could pose a minor problem for you; banks and government monies may be incorrect and take a few months to figure out. Take time to look at all contracts and communications before making decisions. Look for opportunities to market your creative ideas over the next six months. Organize and list the steps to your goals and move forward.

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