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Sai Women Authors

In this feature we are showcasing the work of women authors who are Sai devotees. Some of these books are old friends and some newer, but all are well worth a read. Look for additions to our showcase over the next few months!

Swamiji: A Prayer of Love

by Capaya Rodriguez G.

A small book of eloquent and evocative near-poetic descriptions of Swami and her life as a devotee.

Swami’s Darshan

Swamiji, Swamiji, Swamiji – the last utterance that breaks in your throat when Sathya Sai Baba walks by, gracefully, majestically, imposingly, unique, perfect, almost without touching the ground, making you believe that He did not look at you nor was aware of you in that so awaited and so yearned for darshan. And when He is already walking away, when only a moment remains until the divine vision vanishes from your sight, inserted between thoughts and feelings, now of guilt, now of surrender, the magic word manifests and you whisper, “Swamiji, Swamiji, Swamiji,” and Swami’s heart melts like butter at the love of His devotee, as He turns softly, in an almost imperceptible manner, to take your letter, to tell you, “Wait,” or simply, to cover you with His eyes, of the color of the universe. And yu remain still, immersed in the pleasure of knowing that God, the Stealer of Hearts, with that glance has stolen yours forever. p. 5

We had discovered that every moment in this sacred place [Prasanthi Nilayam] is a message, a teaching, where one has to learn, to cultivate oneself, and above everything else to know how to surrender, yes, surrender all that you have inside: the ego, the anti-values, the mind, the mistakes, the freedom, the desires, the attachments, the love, all of which is encompassed in a deep process that only Sri Sathya Sai Baba points out to us step by step, because He is the only inner Motivator, He is the footsteps you step upon, He is the air you breathe, He is your eternal Witness, He is your ripening, He is your test, He is your balance, He is the only One who knows what He can give to each one, at which point of time and why, He is the One that molds you because He is the great architect of the universe, He is the One who operates on you because He knows exactly where your illness is, and all of this is like this, simply because “He Is”. pp. 10-11

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