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Sai Women Authors

In this feature we are showcasing the work of women authors who are Sai devotees. Some of these books are old friends and some newer, but all are well worth a read. Look for additions to our showcase over the next few months!

Twameva Matha...

by Padmamma

Here are a few tidbits from Professor Kasturi’s daughter, Padmamma’s charming collection of early Swami stories.

Tamarind Chutney

One day, Swami appeared in my dream and gave me raw tamarind chutney. Swami told me, “Eat it. Do not give it to Ramesh, it is very hot.” In the dream, Ramesh [her son] was with me. The next morning when I got up I felt the skin of raw tamarind on my tongue. On checking, I found it was really there! Everybody in the house was wonderstruck.

I wrote about this experience to my parents. When their reply came, I was even more surprised. It seems, there, at Davangere [their home place], on the same day they had prepared raw tamarind chutney. My mother had offered it to Swami and remembered me a lot because I was pregnant and because pregnant ladies usually liked to eat sour and spicy foods. She also mentioned that it was a lot hotter and spicier than usual. Swami fulfilled my mother’s wish. He is the mother of mothers! p. 34-35

The Law of Karma

Swami sat on the chair and asked me what the matter was. Between sobs I started relating to Him the problems, the financial situation in the family and so on. He said. . . “Do you know there are many people going through more difficulties than you?”

I could not accept His argument. I boldly replied, “Swami, my difficulties and my pains are mine alone. I am suffering. Will the suffering become less if I think of the pains and sufferings of others? Why, Swami, why these problems? The whole family from the eldest to the youngest has surrendered to You – then why?” Swami responded, “See, Padma. If you stand in front of a mirror, and go on making faces, what would you see in the mirror?” I said, “The same faces that I make will be seen in the mirror. It is simply reflection.”

“Ah! That is it. Previously you might have made ‘faces’ and now you are seeing their reflection.” . . . Swami explained the theory of Karma concisely. I was relieved. p. 69

Practical Knowledge

“Swami, by Your Divine will, You can change my husband. Why are you not doing so?” I asked. He replied, “I never give anesthesia and perform the operation. They should feel the pain. They themselves should feel sorry for their behavior and not repeat it. For example, if a lamp is burning, and a child wants to go and touch it we can go on warning the child. However, if he persists, then we say, “All right, go and touch it. Burn your finger once then you will learn. We can only warn them. Once the child experiences it, he will never touch fire again throughout his life.

In the same way, I just warn. And if they do not listen they will have to learn the hard way. It is their Karma. If your Karma is to walk on a thorny road, I can give you chappals to wear, but I cannot pick and remove all the thorns on your path. You have to wear the chappals and walk, if not the thorns will certainly prick your feet. Similarly, if your Karma is to walk in the hot sun, I can give you an umbrella. But, it is your job to open it and hold it. However, if you surrender to Me completely, I will Myself open the umbrella and hold it for you.” What a meticulous teaching! I was stupefied and kept mum. pp. 72-73

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