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Astrological Predictions for: July - December, 2018

by Dr. Mary Dixon

This interpretation can be read for both your sun sign and your rising sign.

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Aries Sun

March 22 - April 21 and Aries Rising

Whatever you put into motion over the next six months will not take a firm hold. There will be agreements and disagreements, changes and additions, until December when better progress will be made. This will especially be true in career and finances. Aries people born from the 9th to the 12th of April will undergo pressure to reorganize and renovate what is not working in their lives. This will open new avenues of progress. Friends, groups, and organizations will be allies for all Aries, except in the months of September and October. August and September heighten your spiritual energies. Take advantage of retreats, creative events and just getting away from it all. Let your inner self be heard. If you have had a refusal from a loved one or a business partner, present your proposal again in December. A change of mind to accept your offer is in the stars. Aries, you are usually the one in charge and in control, but right now sharing that position is where the stars are taking you.

Taurus Sun

April 22 - May 21 and Taurus Rising

Many new energies are in your stars and that means getting used to changes. Old patterns and traditions are on the way out and new technology is Interjecting itself into your life. This will be especially true in career areas. You are a stable, feet on the ground, person. New methods tend to interfere with the way you think and the way you do things. This will not be an easy transition for you. However, you will find a way to stand by your old values despite these changes and bring them into the modern trends as an example to others. April, Taurus birthdays will see the most disruption in their lives this year. It looks like there is little change in a difficult person's attitude until September. At that time, a workable solution or an acceptable settlement can be worked out. Travel, connected to spiritual energies, are a constant in your life over the next six months. You seek peace and upliftment in this way now. A major move may be in the near future. It will be motivated by your desires for more security, and to improve family conditions.

Gemini Sun

May 22 - June 21 and Gemini Rising

Friends, relatives, social activities and travel are highlighted for the next six months. You will discover new spiritual groups that combine knowledge with service for others as well as to the earth. This is just where you want to be. Some smaller disappointments continue where your career is concerned. Don't take too many liberties as supervisors are more strict than they seem to be. Issues here will straighten out around next year. You can expect more money in September. Uranus, the planet of change, has entered your place of quiet and reflection. Most likely you will see new systems and upgrades in areas of life that you hold sacred; even spiritual studies. Once you adjust to this, you will find that technology can greatly aid your progress. Your health needs more attention in October. November begins a series of decisions concerning partnerships, both personal and business. Make sure you have all information available in each case before agreement. Some surprises could come forward. This year, travel to new places. Next year travel to the past.

Cancer Sun

June 22 - July 21 and Cancer Rising

You will continue your work with children, creativity and educational facilities. Spiritual energies underscore everything in your life now. Opportunities for advancement and expansion are in the picture, especially in September and November. Travel in connection with work can occur at any time over the next six months. New partnerships, business and personal, are activated. Don't count on better finances until November, but at that point, there is more of a steady flow. The energy of Capricorn (your opposite sign) seems to be combining with your creative spiritual ideas. It will connect them to ways and means of expansion, product and expression over the next six months. This is also a good time to set some boundaries for yourself so that you are clear in what you want, what you can give and what you should decline. All water signs, and Cancer is one, need to be in a container to be serviceable. Left on its own, water without a channel is wasted. Most legal, and artistic projects will be successful, especially for Cancer birthdays in June.

Leo Sun

July 22 - August 21 and Leo Rising

A stressful situation regarding family and housing remains until August or the beginning of September. At that time, finances improve and you are able to re-locate or repair housing. Children may get scholarships, especially if they pursue the arts, which also helps you financially. Leo, you must stay on a practical trend and be prepared for changes in your in work responsibilities and how things are run. Try to avoid your tendencies to overtly get to the truth of situations and take a back seat to others for now. In November the planets will favour you with more information and wisdom. A new and interesting person comes into your life at year's end, but everything about him/her may not be as it seems. While Leos tend to be "out front" people and what you see is what you get, do not expect the same from others. Major opportunities for August Leo birthdays occur in December; travel may be involved. You will benefit from people in the legal and educational fields. Stay on schedule with your inner work.

Virgo Sun

August 22 - September 21 and Virgo Rising

Work with children, teaching, and all forms of communications continue to have opportunities for you. Many Virgos will meet suitable marriage partners who have strong spiritual backgrounds over the next six months. August and mid September birthdays are especially active in that regard. Business partnerships are also positive. All legal, educational and travel energies work in your favour; but for the next six months, transportation and health issues may come up. Try not to be hasty in your movements or decisions. Mid June and August planets may require you to re-think or re-do a project. November/December will bring people of wisdom into your home, but they may disagree with you in some of your plans or thoughts. While taking their advice into account, the stars show that you are the best judge of your own life right now and their energies support you. Virgo, your analytical thinking seems to be expanding into creative, spiritual areas more rapidly. Take classes in what you are interested in.

Libra Sun

September 22 - October 21 and Libra Rising

Home, family and children remain your focus over the next six months. Some difficulties you cannot change can occur. You could receive financial help or a loan in September that gets you back on track. Many Librans can expect a family addition while others may receive a surprise proposal. The planet Jupiter continues through your place of security for the next 5 months. You may feel that your good luck allows you to take some financial risks, but in this instance, your security is in your relationship with divinity. Strive to deepen it at all levels. Also in this matter, you may find that you are pulling away from certain family traditions which are a concern to others. Note that the goals are probably the same, but the path is where the difference lies. You are an ecumenical and peaceful sign. You can create the balance needed. Treat all stress in your life by participating in some form of art and movement suchas dance, yoga or tai chi to channel it away.

Scorpio Sun

October 22 - November 21 and Scorpio Rising

Many positive energies remain in your stars over the next six months. Communications and creativity are especially strong. Most young people in your life are cooperative and talented, but one child will seem to be especially irritating and have difficulties. Some form of physical activity could be a good outlet for his/her energy. Don't forget your own health and well being as you may be more stressed than usual. While scheduling is not really a Scorpio thing, it could work with your current issues. Jupiter continues to make itself known as it transits your sign. Wisdom, good judgment and positive adjustments to things you can't control, become more a part of your life. Venus energies, July and August, bring special invitations. Early birthday Scorpios may notice some changes in a partner. It would be good to investigate what is going on with him/her, as future issues can occur next year. Pay special attention to your surroundings and create a better environment both in beauty and spirituality.

Sagittarius Sun

November 22 - December 21 and Sagittarius Rising

Learning about wisdoms from the past and bringing them forward into your present activities continues until November when they a become part of your routine without thinking about them. Finances have a steadier pace after August with the addition of new methods and technology. In November, Jupiter moves into it's own sign- your sign - of Sagittarius for a year. You will feel more free to be yourself; as some restrictions have been in your life lately. You may be asked to work more with the public in a teaching or serving capacity. Try to finish projects in the home as well as all family obligations prior to that time so that you can accept new activities. A new twist to an old problem can come up during the next six months. Look for some new methods of coping but keep in mind what has worked before. What others think and see may not be accurate. Don't buy in to another person's delusion even though it is easier. A long-time acquaintance seems to be quite interested in you.

Capricorn Sun

December 22 - January 21 and Capricorn Rising

You are working harder than ever before but with more insight. Friends, groups and social activities are prominent over the next six months. People from your past get in touch. You will participate in local art and music projects. A surprise encounter with an old friend could become serious especially for December Capricorn birthdates. Generally your focus will be primarily on finances and the home where improvements and refurbishing are going on. Not all will be to your satisfaction. While more money is in the picture for November, stick to your budget. With Saturn still in your own sign, you may be feeling that others are expecting too much from you. Many projects seem to resist moving forward at a reasonable pace. Make use of cancelled dates and delays by doing things that you like to do instead of getting stressed over what can't be done. A new addition to your family is in your stars. Creativity goes high tech. Be careful not to put your inner work last.

Aquarius Sun

January 22 - February 21 and Aquarius Rising

You are a person who enjoys the latest technical advances and designs but equipment may have problems over the next six months. Expect home repairs and communication glitches. January birthdays should be aware of wrong information and misunderstandings especially with family members. Education and travel interests are especially effected July through September. February birthday people need to be careful in the same areas, September through December. On the plus side of things, your spiritual insights and creativity will draw you into the public as a speaker /teacher. Money comes from a very egotistical person in July. A better job situation in December. A possible change of location is in the picture at any time this year. For those Aquarians who are looking for a change in business or personal relationships, wait until 2019 when the stars change in your favour. Right now, seek to renew friendships from your past as they will help to move you forward next year.

Pisces Sun

February 22 - March 21 and Pisces Rising

You are in a favourable cycle in which your creative and spiritual energies are strong. Opportunities to funnel them into practical channels are numerous. You may be asked to teach something in the arts or to offer your services to organizations for the elderly. Technology is connected to educational methods that makes your life easier. Your psychic impressions are accurate right now. Pisces, your goals in life are usually scattered and often not practical. Try to make a decision about your direction and take practical steps to ensure results. The next six months will bring solid prospects to you. Finances improve in August. August and September bring new people into your life. Travel and positive legal planets can help complete legal contracts. With all your opportunities, do not be careless with your money. It is best not to loan or give money out unless you are donating it and don't expect it back. December will bring some challenges in finances, but most of your positive energies will remain.

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