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July 5, 2021


1. Start the first step with Naamasmarana

  • Turn the key in the lock to the right, it opens; turn the same key to the     left, it is locked. So too, turn your mind towards the objective world, it is locked, caught, entangled. Turn it to the right, away from the objects of the senses, the lock is loosened, you are free, deliverance is at hand. How to turn it right? Well, begin with remembering the Lord's holy name (Naamasmarana), as the first step. All journeys start with the first step. That itself will take you through to the second and the third; to the very goal.
  • BABA (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 4, Chapter 3)


2. God is the 'I' in all beings

  • As a matter of fact, you are even now dedicating everything to God; only, you do not do it consciously, with the joy that is your due! You say, "I do it for my pleasure. I go there to be happy. I am reading it for my satisfaction, for my progress." Who is this I that is doing, going, acting, reading, enjoying and being pleased? It is the I that sees, that hears, that thinks with the eye, the ear, the brain, etc. It is the I that Mr. Ratan Lal says, he is! Similarly, Sohan Lal, Pran Lal and Indu Lal all say I, I, I. This I, is in every one; it is the individualised Atma (soul) in each, it is the Universal that is reflected in the particular. So, when you say, "I do it for my pleasure," you do it really for the pleasure of the I within you, namely, God.
  • BABA (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 10, Chapter 39)


3. The Shrine, the ‘Heart’ of every home. 

  • The centre of every home must be the shrine room; the fragrance of flower and incense emanating from there must pervade the home and purify it. The mother must set the example in making the shrine the heart of the household. She must enforce discipline over the children in personal cleanliness, humility and hospitality; in good manners and acts of service. She must persuade the children, by example and precept, to revere elders and to allot some time, both in the morning and evening, for prayer and silent meditation. By systematic regulation of the domestic time-table, with the worship of God as it’s focal point, man can be made to realise how a God-centred Home, is a home of peace and joy.
  • BABA (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 9, Chapter 13)


4. Learning must be accomplished by the pupil himself.

  • The spiritual teacher (guru) can guide you where to go, which place to seek; but, he cannot make you reach it. You have to trudge along the road yourself. The teacher might take special classes and give special coaching; but, learning has to be accomplished by the pupil himself.
  • BABA (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 5, Chapter 2)


5. The Sun at your doorstep

  • People come to Me with various aims; yes; but when some of them do not get exactly what they want, they blame Me and not themselves for wanting things that are not conducive to their progress or for not deserving to get them from Me. Why blame the Sun that he does not illumine your room? Open the doors, and the Sun, who has been waiting at the doorstep for just that moment, floods the room with light. You must use your intelligence to deserve the Grace of God. That is the purpose of human effort.
  • BABA (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 5, Chapter 2)

6. House and Home

  • What is a home? How is it different from a house? The home is filled with love, with the sacrifice that love involves, the joy that love radiates, and the peace that love imparts. Just a brick-and- mortar structure, where parents and children spend their lives, is not a home; the children do not yearn for it and the parents do not find peace therein!
  • BABA (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 9, Chapter 13)


7. Man has come to Manifest the Divine in him  

  • Man did not come here to sleep and eat; he has come to manifest, by disciplined processes, the divine in him. That is why he is called vyakthi (individual), he who makes vyaktha (clear) the Shakthi (power) that is in him --- the Divine energy that motivates him. It is for this purpose, that he has come endowed with this body and the intelligence needed to control it and also divert it to useful channels of activity. You must achieve this by Dharma-nishtha and Karma-nishtha---steady pursuit of morality and good deeds.
  • BABA (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 5, Chapter 15)


8. Life is a three-day fair

  • Do not divert all your energy to the cravings of the body, which ages every minute and is fastmoving towards the burial ground. Life is a three-day fair; it is like a flower that fades by eventide. Old age, when physical charm is lost and when you have to depend on others for everything, will soon be upon all. Prepare then, for death; have the equipment to meet it calmly, joyfully, with quiet resignation to the Will of the Lord. You cannot get it in a trice, when you want it; it is the result of long years of practice. See the hand of God in everything that happens; then, you will not exult or grieve. Then your life will be one continuous puja (prayer) or dhyaana (meditation).
  • BABA (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 5, Chapter 15)


9. Shaanthi comes from within

  • Shaanthi (peace) comes from within; contentment is a mental condition. Do not feed the roots of attachment to worldly comforts more than is absolutely necessary. They lead only to anxiety and fear; they can never satisfy the innermost craving of man. Lead them into the path of devotion and dedication; for them that will be the path of contentment and joy. Emphasise the universal Aathma thathwam---essential nature of the Self; encourage prayer, meditation, quiet contemplation of the grandeur and glory of God, reflected in Nature; repetition of the Name of the Lord; encourage silence and solitude, for the sake of introspection and contact with the springs of joy inherent in man.
  • BABA (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 5, Chapter 51)


10. Practise meditation in silence and solitude

  • Practising meditation in silence and solitude, one can, in due course, establish silence and solitude in the heart, even in the busiest of thoroughfares. Now, the puja room or domestic shrines are invariably found next to the kitchen; there, the smells of cooking attack the nostrils, the sounds of frying and boiling attack the ear, and the mind is distracted by voices and noises. How can concentration grow in such an atmosphere? Silence has to be started with oneself; that is to say, one must talk less, and think more deliberately, more discriminatingly. One must try to empty the mind of impulses and prejudices and preferences. Thus, man must strive to reach down to his real nature or dharma, which is Divine, Dharmaswaruupa (righteousness personified).
  • BABA (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 5, Chapter 41)

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