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At Home in the Dawn: A Meditation

by Dr. Sue Evans

God (Brahman) may appear to us in many forms, if we search for Him diligently. If we persevere in our search, eventually He will manifest as an enormous Sphere of white Light, soft, gently powerful, with something of the texture of a cloud. No edges to this sphere, yet self-contained.

This is a glorious event, the advent of one aspect of the Self. We are cheered, inspired, awed. We are lost in bliss. We feel Love. We are in contact with the Father, with the One. The Self pulsates with sheer Existence. Here is that Shining, Endearing One described by the saints.

Affectionately, He guides us and corrects us, calling us His daughter or His son. We feel as if we have reached the summit of all our seeking.

The Sphere of Brahman looks solid, and so familiar -- a gleaming pearl made of Light. If we focus on this Self, we find that this great white Sphere is like a portal, through which we can pass. When we come right up to It, so close to God, we move right through It. The Self is like a Doorway between the Manifest and the Unmanifest, All That Is.

It takes only a thought to move us through, a wish, a wondering. The first time is a surprise, to find ourselves in the infinite Darkness that is beyond. This Darkness, this Void, is finally, fully, divinity; the white Sphere, its projection onto the minds of Its creation. We need something to focus on, so It gives us this Sphere.

It might seem hard to focus on Nothing, on this infinite Black that extends everywhere, but we can sense Its qualities. We feel the endless Tranquility of It, the complete Fullness. The Darkness twinkles and sparkles with Light, with Intelligence, Knowledge, Wisdom, Humor. Somehow this Darkness is also familiar.

This is truly the God we have been seeking. We will explore; we will get to know It; we will float in Its Love. What a privilege! We rest. We are Home.

And if ever we feel the need for a Form, for one point on which we might focus our love, we can always ease back through the Portal of Manifestation and behold the great white Sphere of Light. Brahman is always waiting, always happy to see us, always HERE. So Present; so Peasceful. Eternally.

The Sphere of Light is also God. How comforting.

That which happens physically on the outside, in terms of actions, is not of major importance. What is important is that which comes from inside.
~Sathya Sai Baba

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