Mother Sathya Sai



by Shyamalie

God is pure love. Would Love give us pain unless it was for our highest good? Our job is to have faith in His judgment and receive everything that is given to us as His 'prasad' to purify and elevate us.

If He lets us suffer a while, we know that He is ever with us, wiping every tear and like a tender Father leading us to the highest treasure of the Universe: Himself. Will we not, then, follow Him in devotion and surrender? And love all and serve all as He wants us to do?

Everything we have is a gift from Him. Let us lay it all at His feet. And with all the sincerity of our hearts, pray with Sri Paramahansa Yogananda:

I have nothing to offer Thee,
For all things are Thine.
I grieve not that I cannot give;
For nothing is mine, for nothing is mine.
Here I lay at Thy feet
My life, my limbs, my thoughts and speech;
For they are Thine, for they are Thine.

(from his poem, They are Thine,
in Songs of the Soul)

Do not try to force anything.
Let life be a deep 'letting go'
See God opening millions of flowers every day
without forcing the buds.
~Sathya Sai Baba

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