Mother Sathya Sai



by P.V. Lakshmi

Swami, come and bestow Your vision on me.
The desire to meet the Lord is invoked in my heart.
Every day the arrival of the Lord I await,
HE comes; smiles at some, blesses some,
Showers His love on some.
Not me? Why Swami? Why?

Without You, Swami, I cannot be--
As the lotus without water,
As the night without moon,
So do I feel without YOU.
Troubled and perturbed ,
I wander day and night.
Ages pass undergoing pangs of separation
Burns my heart.

The days pass without hunger
And the nights without sleep;
The world inside and out,
Nothing appeals to me
Since my heart entangled in YOU.

O LORD, shall I change myself?
In whatever form my LORD is pleased,
That I shall adopt.

What can I do to reach You, Swami?
Is it beyond me?
The wings I do not possess
To fly over to You.
What can I say when speech has also left me?
What other hope can I cherish?

Come, O Lord,
Be kind and meet me NOW;
Come, soothe this burning heart
That is Yours through the ages;
That falls at Your lotus feet
To merge with YOU,
To be with YOU ever after.

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