Kitchen Update February 2011

February 1, 2011

Steamers were introduced into the SSSEWWT kitchen this year. This was done in order to speed up the cooking so that a higher volume could be produced, to meet the growing demand for our products. Three different sizes of steamers were integrated into the kitchen procedures, so that we can now cook about 10 kilo chickpeas, 30 kilos of potatoes, and 15 kilos of vegetable rice, as well as 180 steamed idlis, all at one time. The steamers are also used for boiling the milk that is used fro making fresh yogurt (the basis of our rawa idlis), steaming vegetable preparations, and boiling rice and lentils. The steamers greatly help whenever there are delivery emergencies.

The steamers were not introduced as mechanization, to reduce the number of our village project workers, but to facilitate the process. The village girls themselves run the equipment. The village workers were hesitant initially, never having seen such equipment before, but took to using the steamers enthusiastically once they realized how much easier this made their job. Now they steam even beans and vegetables that were previously cooked separately and one at a time, finding new uses for the steamers, as they grow in confidence.

The kitchen has expanded its service from 1000's of hot snacks per day, to also providing a full breakfast and hot mid-day dinner to our medical camps, which now go out to the villages 15 days per month rather than only eight.

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