Super Foods Introduced at SSSEWWT Kiosk

May 17, 2012

Ragi Mudda (Ragi Balls)

Ragi Balls are a healthy steamed mixture of rice and ragi. Ragi is an ancient form of grain, purple in colour. These tiny grains deliver excellent nutrition. They are high in calcium, iron, protein, B vitamins and essential amino acids. The Sri Sathya Sai Easwaramma Women’s Welfare Trust ragi balls are served with two delicious sauces. One is made of fresh-roasted peanuts and green chiles (not too hot!); the second sauce is a very nutritious combination of lentils, local leafy greens, and spices.

Rava Idlis

Most idlis are made of a rice and lentil mixture, which is fermented overnight. Our idlis are not fermented, so they are better for your health, and since they are made of semolina and homemade yogurt, even diabetics can safely eat them. These idlis are served with a dipping sauce made of roasted chick peas and seasonings, and the idlis are steamed just minutes before being served.

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